Create a New Channel

Create a New Channel

What is a 'channel'?   
A channel is a page owned by a publisher used to share and store posts of the same or similar nature. A post is an individual report published on this channel that is formed using a template.

To get started, head over to 'My Channels' via the 'Channels' tab via the navigation bar.

Find the workspace most relevant to your new channel and hit the empty tile with the + symbol to open the new channel window.

Enter a name for your new channel and click the ⌄ symbol to pick a colour theme and symbol to represent your channel (don't worry all this can be modified later if you change your mind).

Once you're happy click save and you have a new channel.

Pop back to the 'My Channels' tab and you will see your new channel has appeared as a new tile under your chosen workspace for future management.

What's next?
  1. Add a bit more detail to your channel to help people understand its purpose: Channel settings
  2. Hop into the template designer to shape a beautiful first post: Create a new template
  3. Just get the word out fast with a quick note: Publish a post

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