Channel Visibility

Channel Visibility

Manage access to your channel to make sure it reaches the right audience.

There are 3 main types of channel visibility in Harkster, created to help users control access to their content.

Currently, only 'Private' channels are available to users but 'Internal' and 'Public' channels will become available in future releases.
Follow the ' Changelog' channel to stay up to date with new versions and features.

This channel is hidden - only the owner plus anyone specifically invited by the owner to follow or collaborate is able to see this channel exists and the posts associated with it.

Internal (Coming Soon)
Workspace management and internal channels are currently under development. They will allow you to group together channels and invite users to the whole workspace, giving members access to all channels set to 'Internal' visibility in that workspace. When implemented, you will be able to browse those channels on the 'Explore' page.  

Public (Coming Soon)
Any user can see this channel in the 'Explore' feature. Access to content can be set to 'with' or 'without' approval. 
You can see examples of 'Public' channels on the Explore page owned by Harkster.

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