Browse the Harkster Library

Browse the Harkster Library

You can explore all the feeds we have on offer on the Harkster platform in our library.
To open the library, click the "Library" button in the bottom left nav menu.

This opens the list of library categories for you to choose which type of content you want to explore.

Click on a category to open the list of feeds within that category.

From here you can either manually browse the list, search in the search bar or filter the list by topic using the dropdown.

Click on a feed to open up the feed details pop-out page showing a description of the feed, link to their website and a preview of recent posts.

From here you can explore further by opening posts to read in full or add this feed to a custom channel you've set up by pressing the "Add to a Custom Channel" button.

This will show you a list of your custom channels, you can add the feed to a channel by sliding the toggle on.

You can exit the "Add Feed to Custom Channel" screen and the "Feed details" screen by hitting the cross in the top right corner. From here you can continue to browse other feeds in the same way as above or change category to explore different types of content.

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